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Zendesk & VLAN Asia Appreciation and Awards Night 2023


On 26 May 2023 at Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral, the VLAN Asia Appreciation and Awards Night 2023 recognises outstanding customers that have demonstrated outstanding performance with Zendesk's innovative solutions. This event does not only acknowledge our customers the occasion is also commemorating ur seven-year collaboration with Zendesk, where we recognise Zendesk's commitment to innovation and omnichannel features have allowed our customers to enhance their efficiency and productivity to provide high-quality customer service and customer experience.

An Opening Speech by Chief Geek, Lance Cheang

VLAN Asia awards night lance cheang opening speech


Lance Cheang, Chief Geek of VLAN Asia began his speech by expressing gratitude and acknowledging the valuable contributions of VLAN Asia’s employees in driving the company’s success and delivering exceptional customer service. Lance Cheang extended his sincere appreciation to Zendesk for their support during the challenging moments of the COVID-19 era. Furthermore, Lance Cheang thanked all partners and customers who have entrusted VLAN Asia with their business and placed trust in the company’s products and services.

“Without their support, VLAN Asia would not be where we are today.” Lance Cheang

Speech by Zendesk Partner, Eythan Goh

eythan goh-speech

Eythan Goh, Enterprise Account Executive for Zendesk. Covering the markets of Malaysia primarily, with Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Mongolia as supplementary markets.

Eythan Goh, an enterprise account executive for Zendesk, shed light on Zendesk’s AI capabilities and their upcoming advancements in the customer experience (CX) landscape. The topic of ChatGPT and open ai has drawn attention to the world but Eythan emphasises that AI is not a new concept, but recent developments simplified its implementation to a mere click of a button. 

eythan goh-zendeskai

A photo of Eythan Goh's speech regarding the collaboration with OpenAI and Zendesk AI solutions

Shortly afterwards, Eythan outlined that in collaboration with OpenAI, Zendesk plans to deliver AI solutions that offer instant scalability and continuous operational improvement. He explains how AI technology will revolutionise businesses to scale while keeping costs low. He also emphasized the potential of AI-powered bots to effectively escalate complex situations to human agents, thereby allowing for more streamlined and automated task handling. By leveraging the power of OpenAI, Zendesk enables the seamless generation of intelligent responses and concise summaries. This revolutionary functionality empowers organisations to derive instant insights from customer interactions, which can then be utilised t make informed decisions that drive business growth. Through the integration of AI, companies can unlock the potential of their customer data, extracting meaningful information to improve decision-making processes which leads to enhanced customer experiences. 

Award Ceremony 

surin-awards ceremony

A photo of Surindren Manickam, head of sales, leading the award ceremony

Surindren Manickam, the head of sales and the host for the ceremony, kicked off the event by emphasising the significance of digital transformation. He acknowledged the common challenge faced by businesses, where they often find themselves unsure of which aspect of their operations to prioritize for digitalization. Manickam stressed the importance of taking a step back and carefully identifying the crucial areas within the business processes that require digital transformation and using that as a starting point for further progress.  

Manickam further highlighted the notion of a continuous improvement mindset, drawing parallels with Zendesk's approach to evolving their roadmaps and readily embracing changes in the industry which this event aims to honour those who have excelled in their digital transformation efforts, highlighting their achievements in embracing change and enhancing their operations. 

vlan asia awards night zendesk award ceremony

A photo of the awards for the awards ceremony

Zendesk Average Handling Time Award | Nandos Malaysia 

This award recognises Nandos Malaysia for consistently providing fast and efficient customer support using Zendesk's ticketing and messaging features and having tremendous improvement in their company’s Average Handling Time.


“Despite Nandos being new to Zendesk, customer service teams have reported being more efficient. Being in an F&B industry, it is important to respond and escalate the issues immediately.” 

Zendesk Analytics King Award | Web Bytes Sdn Bhd 

This award honours Web Bytes for an exceptional achievement in developing numerous internal analytics dashboards and consistently overseeing performance metrics for both individuals and businesses.

“Analysing reports sent by Zendesk has been helpful for our business to improve quality of service over the years” 

Zendesk Customer Excellence Award | Subhome Management Sdn Bhd 

These awards recognises SubHome Management for achieving high levels of customer satisfaction using Zendesk's CSAT measurement tools as well increase in the overall business consumers in the span of their Zendesk usage not only in Malaysia but with expansion regionally. The organisation also have proven enhanced capability in centralising all the systems under one roof which is Zendesk.

We have been using Zendesk for 2 years and we noticed a significant improvement in our productivity. VLAN Asia team and Surin are always on the roll by helping us and they are doing a fantastic job”

Zendesk 360 Journey Award | Loob Holding Sdn Bhd  

This award goes to Loob Holding for successfully implementing a seamless integration with other solutions and drive automation in their business environment. The integrations including chatBots, automated responses and ticket deflection. 

“We used Zendesk with our internal team to handle our outlets which makes speeds up the process” 

Zendesk Response Time Award | Dominos Malaysia Sdn Bhd 

This award goes to Dominos Malaysia (Dommal Food Services Sdn Bhd) a significant improvement in overall response time that affects right from the first reply, periodic reply, and resolution time. Zendesk assisted Dominos Malaysia to centralise the entire enquiries into one single environment.

“Been using Zendesk for 3 years, help us to consolidate the feedback to handle customers. Help us to handle feedback from other regions such as Singapore and other different countries. Automation helps us to become more productive and efficient when handling our customers” 

Zendesk Expansion Growth Award | MoneyMatch Sdn Bhd 

This award was presented to MoneyMatch for achieving a significant return on investment (ROI) from their Zendesk software implementation, as measured by improvements in efficiency, team expansion, regional expansion as well as business growth.

“Thank you to VLAN Asia for helping us. MoneyMatch started in Malaysia and we have expanded to Brunei, Australia is coming soon, Singapore and Hong Kong. Zendesk has helped us to become efficient as we expand regionally” 

Zendesk King of Utilisation Award  | Far Capital Sdn Bhd 

This award goes to Far Capital Sdn Bhd for utilising Zendesk end to end right from Channel management, case management, business rules, APIs, NPS Survey and analytics.

“We have been using Zendesk for 2 years now. Far Capital is a property-focused financial consulting company. Every week, we are receiving close to 1000 query tickets. When we were faced with that challenge, we knew that we need to look for a better CRM product and then we found Zendesk. Ever since then and thanks to the two companies, our response time has improved and reduced our average handling time. 50 of our Agents are able to handle tickets in a timely manner and respond to our clients faster.” 

CX Trailblazer  | Han Yang 

This award recognises Han Yang who has successfully navigated complex customer service challenges using Zendesk software.

cx han yang-1


After the award ceremony was concluded, we brought 3 individuals up to appreciate their contributions in handling Zendesk projects that revolutionised our customer support experience. Recognising their remarkable contributions, we eagerly presented them with well-deserved certificates of appreciation. 

Dinner and Networking

After the awards ceremony, the event reached its thrilling moment with an eagerly awaited lucky draw. Attendees were filled with anticipation as they awaited their chance to win an array of exclusive prizes and gadgets. The ballroom was buzzing with excitement as names were drawn and lucky draw winners celebrated their good fortunes.


Following the lucky draw, the evening seamlessly transitioned into a vibrant networking session and as laughter and meaningful conversations filled the ballroom connections among attendees and VLAN Asia alike are fostered. 



zendesk vlan asia appreciation and awards night 2023


We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all staff and attendees for joining this remarkable celebration of achievement of achievement and excellence. Everyone's presence and active participation made the Zendesk VLAN Asia Appreciation and Award Night a truly memorable experience. 


Credits to Beezworks production for capturing and making our awards night a truly memorable event. Their dedication and creativity to their craft played a vital role in capturing the essence of the evening, creating an immersive experience for everyone involved.


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