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Effectively Engaging Your Customers

With Malaysia undergoing a Movement Control Order (MCO) and every business is facing the same crisis, working from home can be an impactful organizational change to many companies especially those heavily dependent on location-based human resource. The shift from working on-site to working remotely is a sudden change to our work ecosystem. 

We are focused in helping our customers to digitalize. Technology itself isn’t the disruptor, circumstances and not being customer centric is the biggest threat, these are some examples that you might be familiar with. 

Effective engagement

Netflix did not kill Blockbuster 

Ridiculous late fees did 

Grab/Uber didn’t kill the taxi 

Limited access and fare control did 

Apple didn’t kill the music industry 

Being forced to buy full length albums did 

Amazon/Alibaba didn’t kill retailers, 

Poor customer services and experience did 

Airbnb isn’t killing the hotel industry, 

Limited availability and pricing option are 

Online customer engagement is crucial, especially during this time where there is less direct face-to-face interactions but fully online. Businesses must be able to connect with their customers through various channels and question you got to ask yourself is how ready are you?  

Customer engagement


We need a single source of truth to be able to serve our customers better.  By having a system that captures data and generate analytics allow you to get a better picture of your business growth and where you should focus your resources on.  By doing so you will also be able to optimise your resources to get better results.  The businesses must also have the agility and scalability to serve their customers in any circumstances regardless of the situation.


Businesses moving their contact centres to Zendesk allows them to provide 24 hours customers service from any location and be omnipresent for their customers.  It gives them easy access to customers information, allowing them to be able to response to customers faster and securely on the cloud. 


Zendesk One app to manage it all.

Zendesk is an Omnichannel App that allows you to manage all your social media, calls, messaging apps, emails, and up to 900+ other apps all on one platform. It’s easy to use, helps improve your customer experience, and it’s very easy to set up. This system also allows you to track your calls and reporting so that you don’t miss any reports and as your team grows it’s also easily scalable to fit your demand.

One such success story is Bateriku.com, a local Malaysian startup that started with a mobile application in 2016 with only 10 staff they were only able to handle 100 sales a month before implementing Zendesk. After the implementation in 2019 they are now able to handle 1000 sales a month, all their customers data are now recorded in the system and they now have a reliable source of data with accurate information. Zendesk enterprise has enable Batteriku.com to operate in a more scalable approach since integrating with their own developed system. By using Zendesk it has also allowed them to create a marketplace on their mobile app to allow other products and services to be offered to their customers. This is only possible when you have a system that can manage all your customers data effectively.



So how ready are you?  
Are you ready to take your business online? Are you on a cloud system yet?  
Not sure how?   
if you have these question and not sure where to start. Click on the link below and get in touch with us now and we’ll help you get started. 

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