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Webinar Contagious Writing: How to Craft Viral Content with Chee Seng

Producing a viral content for your marketing campaigns can be a struggle especially when you want to draw in more traffic and increase leads conversion rate to boost your sales revenue. In our last webinar with Chee-Seng, long-time copywriter and authority builder, he shared with us how he has developed his mechanism of producing viral online contents throughout his work experience for over 20 years. 


The webinar has covered 3 parts. 

  1. How to make people want to read your content? 
  2. What makes the audience want to share your content? 
  3. How to write viral content? 

Part 1: How to make people want to read your content?

We tend to forget that we are writing for humans to read, therefore it is crucial for us to understand human nature. The moment you lack this understanding, it is very likely that you are not able to produce great viral content. 

He highlighted 4 key qualities that are found in viral contents in relation to human psychology. Usually, viral posts have at least one or more of these elements. 

  1. The content is entertaining. As consumers ourselves, we would share something hilarious that we have come across on social media or the internet to someone we love and care about 
  2. It would make the sharer look good when the content is being shared. They would not want to look silly as they have an image or reputation to keep with all the fake news on questionable matters that have embarrassed people on public view.  
  3. Human psychologsuggests that we are more attracted to organised lists or infographics. It is easy to consume consolidated information gathered under one structure. 
  4. Contents obtained are verified by reliable sources. The consensus would agree that it will give us a sense of credibility when we read the content of the person who produced that content.

Part 2: What makes audience want to share your content?

Our human nature will probably never change, hence why it is fundamental for us to understand this to create contents that will pull heartstrings easily. He raised 7 reasons why people will share viral content with others. 

  1. People enjoy giving.  
  2. We share to advise others.  
  3. Amusing contents out of the fact it is simply hilarious. 
  4. It inspires others.  
  5. It protects people from potential danger. 
  6. The content has that amazing ‘wow’ factor. 
  7. They want to be united under a tribe for something bigger than themselves.

Part 3: How to write viral content? 

Usually, large news outlets will produce high volume of contents on a weekly or daily basis to meet their target of having a certain number of viral contentsso what are the 5 things you can do to create viral content on your own? 

  1. You must know your product or service very well. Like mentioned earlier, we prefer contents with reliable sources, hence your reader will be confident enough in your content, especially those whom you are targeting as your audience with a certain background of knowledge and skillset. 
  2. Have the right word count. It can be controversial, but digital content is recommended to have 500 to 800 words, however, it also depends on the need and what is right for you to share the content effectively.  
  3. Telling a good story. Sure, you know your product well, but people tend to get bored easily if you repeat it to them. By sharing with your audience your main goals, motivation, and creativity in producing this product, it will excite, amaze, and inspire them when they can see how it will improve their lives and businesses. 
  4. Win your audience line-by-line. People will only continue reading your content if you can interest them paragraph by paragraph, from the beginning till the end. They will only read it if they are truly interested to learn all of it. Grandma stories are probably out of the window. 
  5. Understanding of human nature. It will be highly advantageous for you to hone your understanding of this matter. 

To conclude, as much as there are constraints in word count, frequency, volume, click baits, and maintaining consistency, your content should have the quality to add value to your reader’s life. Do not write content just to fulfill a KPI. People can feel the authenticity of content, and they can tell if your heart and passion are placed in the content, as much as SEOs are helpful. 

If you are still interested in learning more of what we can offer your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us! 

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