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Want to Automate your Processes for FREE.

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As business owners, we always look for value in the products and services we buy to improve our productivity. To digitalise your business, implementing automated systems is always a win 

Here, we provide three in-house value added services, E-Claim, E-leave, and Policy Acceptance Management systems under our VAS program.  Sitting on Microsoft Azure and coupled with Microsoft 365, be efficient without compromising on service quality and value.  

Do not worry if you are not technologically savvy, we got your back here!  


E-Claims System  

Filing weekly or monthly claims manually is tedious and time-consuming. Our E-Claims System not just reduces time spent, but also improves accounting accuracy and cash flow management.   

Salient features of this system include:  

  1. Single sign in through your Microsoft 365  
  2. One-page view submission  
  3. Receive email notifications  
  4. Automatically generated Excel sheet of your claims  
  5. Track and check your claims submission status  
  6. Mobile-friendly for all smartphone users.


E-Leave System:  

Hardcopy submissions of leave has always been the practice and stacks of forms at HR can be quite cumbersome. Replace that dreary manual process with access to our E-Leave System!  

Salient features of this System include:  

  1. One-page view of your leave balance of applications  
  2. Quick and easy leave approvals or rejections  
  3. Review your leave application status  
  4. Be up to date with your claim submissions via email   
  5. Have your calendar be automatically synced with everyone’s leaves   


Policy Acceptance System:  

Any HR and Legal team will highly benefit from this system. The latest change in your company policies, for example, new legal developments that your team members need to be trained on, can be easily track with acknowledgments and acceptance of the change in policy. Besides that, you can edit the policy change notice on one page, attach relevant documents and send out notifications of the published notice automatically to your team’s Outlook inbox.  


Automating your administrative processes can be highly advantageous with the rising trend of working remotely due to the pandemic, but administrative tasks can now be made simpler with our VAS Systems. Sounds interesting? Drop us a message to find out how you can get your hands on them!  

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