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Tips to keep your data safe.

Due to the pandemic most of us are working from home and have the struggle of learning new technology and coping with day-to-day tasks. With new application helping our task to be handled away from the office more security has been added to the mix and with that more passwords to remember and handle.

For these reasons I have listed down a few methods on safely handling your passwords.

1.Unique and long password

This should be prioritized, as a long, complex, and unique password has been known to provide a better security. Using the same password for multiple services could easily jeopardize all services when one of them is hacked. When the term long and complex is used what is meant is that the password should generally be more the 8 characters long and includes symbol, number, uppercase and lowercase.

2.Password manager

A password manager will help consolidate all passwords and securely holding them in a database, this helps a user keep all their password save and secure, there are several of them which can be purchased online. Many people tend to use notebooks to write down their passwords as well, while this is not recommended it is still better then using the same password for multiple services, as long as the notebook is placed in a safe and secure place.

3.Two Step verification

Two-step verification, multi-factor and two-factor authentication also know as 2FA which allows user to add another layer of security and having 2 passwords. Some of the current application does this automatically for example Apple face ID or banking TAC. This configuration can usually be found under setting or security setting and the steps to set them up are quite simple. This method would be one of the best ways to ensure your password is not compromised.

Hopefully these steps will help secure users and make for an easier approach for the current solution of working from home.

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