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Microsoft 365 taking your privacy to another level.

Office 365 administrative reports can be used to track the usage and activities of Office 365 users across multiple services (Eg Email, OneDrive, SharePoint, Team, and Skype). We can analyse how Office 365 is best used by users and help you plan additional training to make these tools more interactive however you notice that the username no longer shown in the admin center.  

Reports - anonymized user list.

(Sharing MC275344 Updated) Microsoft 365 admin center: Reports in the Admin Center – user information pseudonymized by default 

August 31, 2021: Microsoft has updated the content below for clarity.  

Microsoft is making some changes to Microsoft 365 Reports in the admin center. Reports found in the Microsoft 365 admin center provide information about your organization’s usage data. By default, reports currently display information with identifiable names for users, groups, and sites. beginning next month, user information will now be hidden by default for all reports as part of our ongoing commitment to help companies support their local Privacy laws. 

NOTE: This change is specific to administrative and report reader roles. 

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How Anonymous Data Enforcement Implementation Impact Your Organization?  

According to a Microsoft report, one or more users in your organization use or can access Microsoft 365 reports in the control center. When this change is applied, 

Manage settings to show identifiable usernames instead of anonymous usernames: 

To configure this setting, you must be a global administrator.  

Global administrators can revert this change for their tenant and show identifiable user information if their organizations privacy practices allow.  

1. In the Microsoft 365 admin center, go to “Setting”  
2. Go to“Org settings” and then select “Reports”.  
3. Deselect the“In all reports, display de-identified names for users, groups, and sites”option.  


de-identifiable names setting changes

When user identification is enabled, administrative roles and the report reader role will be able to see identifiable user level information. Global reader and Usage Summary Reports Reader roles will not have access to identifiable user information, regardless of the setting chosen. 

For more information about this change, please refer Microsoft article https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/troubleshoot/miscellaneous/reports-show-anonymous-user-name  


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