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How to Influence Anyone by their Personality Type Webinar by Chee Seng


How to Influence Anyone by Knowing Their Personality Type - Webinar Recap with Chee Seng

One of the quintessential skills you ought to develop as a leader is the art of persuasive communication over your potential clients or anyone in your life. In this webinar recap, we will briefly run through what our guest speaker, Chee Seng, shared with us on the importance of understanding the different types of personalities to influence them effectively. 

He advised that, in whatever role or position you may be in, we must establish a relationship with the recipient by being an empathetic listener and develop good communication. “If you know the enemy, you know yourself’, hence we have to first understand the other party through empathetic listening to know exactly what they need from us, and then ourselves. By doing that, the certainty of success increases, and the possibility of us being able to better predict what would be their response and reaction to our speech. 

Four major types of personalities

Next, he shared four major types of personalities, namely The General, The Ace Pilot, The Medic, and The Sniper. Each of these personalities would have their own concerns, way of thinking, working, and communicating with the world. 

The General type is usually result-oriented people. They are very dominant, strong-willed, will take charge of situations, decisive, driven, direct, and confident. They are also usually selected as leaders but have a more fixed mindset. They would not even mind speaking out their thoughts as it is. Their main motivations are competition and winning success. Besides, they value competence, independence, and results. Bottom-line information and key or specific information with what they exactly need to know are what that matters more to them. 

 The Ace Pilot type is people-oriented, usually enjoying the company of others. Some of their typical behaviors include friendliness, flamboyant in nature, very enthusiastic, very persuasive, impulsive, open-hearted to others, and optimistic. Their driving force or cravings are stemmed from praise and recognition, highly energetic interactions, and relishes in relationships, hence making them an individualistic person with high energy and positive vibrations who appreciates personal touches. 

The Sniper type is a process-oriented person. They think carefully and plans well before taking their shot. They need a complete process and plan in their mind before they tell you final plans, often needing time, which would make them look indecisive at times. They are not spontaneous but would question when someone suggests something. At the same time, they can be analytical, hence makes them private as a person. They can also be cautious, but systematic and precise. They appreciate objectivity in terms of facts and evidence as opposed to abstract ideas or assumptions, besides values systems over results. 

The Medic type is feelings oriented as they need a sense of emotional fulfillment. They are usually calm, stable, dependable, loyal but can be passive and submissive. As they are feelings oriented, they are more likely to please people, encourage, and support you through difficult challenges, hence making them a patient, warm, and giving person in times of need. Furthermore, they are polite and sensitive people. Such individuals prefer to be in the background and are usually helpful people. In addition to that, they do not deal with aggression, confrontation, or overwhelming situation very well and may project passive-aggressive behaviors.  

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