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Digital Transformation: Business automation is the new norm

As the Covid-19 pandemic disrupts the global socio-economic and business environment, the new normal that has taken place is altering our working and social life patterns. It's new to us all, effecting the way how we do business, not something easy adaptable and some might find it troublesome to adapt to.  After going though so much its also not easy for some to just through in the towel and call it a day, as business owners, we are committed to our work and employees, they believe in what we do and we there for need to make sure that business goes on as usual even in the hardest circumstances.

 Businesses have to be fueled by digital transformation and Vlan Asia is the enabler for your business to adopt technological changes. Helping our customers get grants and also automate processes so that they do not need to be on site physically help they move their business online, some might argue that its not easy or cost effective to move online. its understandable to have pushback to new ideas, but at the same time its inevitable that things are moving towards that direction. Payments for example, now days even the little hawker stall has the option of paying by Touch and Go e-wallet readily available.

Our founder, Lance Cheang has shared on how we can assist you to automate your business processes to bring out the best of it.

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