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Cyber Attacks Are Up As Covid 19 Bites!

As Covid-19 strikes, cyber attacks are one of the biggest threats that many corporations encounter and it becomes harder to safeguard company data when everyone is working from home. You might have heard of phishing emails, ransomware and scamming, but do you know exactly how your system or data and files could be compromised? Or do you know how to properly prevent such situations from happening?

Without cyber security measures, we are easily exposed to these cyber attacks at all times. Things like passwords, financial info, personal identity and company data attract hackers and scammers, while victims tend to fall for the traps and scams due to multiple reasons such as urgency, greed, fear and curiosity. 

To identify and avoid phishing at an initial stage includes watching out for some spelling and grammar errors in emails, suspicious sender address, things or offers that sound too good to be true and beware of attachments, links and login pages in unsolicited messages and emails that might steal your personal information from those actions.

Manual prevention is not effective enough as human errors can happen anytime. A better way to improve is to have preventive initiatives to filter your emails to prevent phishing treats. Microsoft 365 has a provision called Advance Threat Protection (ATP) solution that covers you from unknown malware and viruses with behavioral analysis that uses machine learning to provide real-time protection and alerts can be sent to responsible managers alongside with timely reports and tracing details. 

It is difficult to monitor employees all the time, especially the way the company database and internal confidential data are handled. To avoid files being copied or stolen, data should be protected and encrypted by a system that prevents unauthorized access to company files. Azure Right Management Services (Azure RMS) protects and stores your important data in Cloud and On-Premise Infrastructure from being misused. What if some data are unintentionally shared out of the corporation? Microsoft Data Loss Prevention (DLP) keeps you fully secured from this situation with information sharing control and real-time backup support system. 

Keeping your files and data secured is always important. Take prevention measures now before it is too late to recover lost data. Get these features together with your 6 months free M365 by subscribing to our 12-month package. Contact us now by clicking on the “TALK TO US” tab above. 



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