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Connect Your Teams Online

The coronavirus pandemic is a major crisis to the entire world, hitting hard on the global economy. Many industries are greatly affected since the outbreak started. Despite multiple measures being taken by local governments and the private sector to ensure and support the financial survival of businesses, the gloomy economic outlook and growing uncertainty is the fear of many companies.

In the fight against the coronavirus, many nations have restricted their borders and implemented travel bans as their initial measures. However, as many countries are facing a new wave of cases, more aggressive measures have been taken; as a result, social distancing is now the new norm for everyone. As much as this is an effective measure to slow the spread of the disease, painful changes have been forced on to every business.

Whether a company is prepared or unprepared, all business owners must lead and manage a functional remote team. Working patterns have changed and communications have moved online. Businesses that rely heavily on physical workspaces face adverse impacts like reduced productivity, uncollaborative communication, and fewer engagements. Here’s the question, how to move your team online and regain productivity?  Here are some tips:

  1. Setup daily team huddle meetings
  2. Have cross department communication
  3. Increase usage of digital channels to engage your customers
  4. Adopt corporate innovation
  5. Invest in useful collaborative tools
  6. Protect and backup company data

In the process of embracing the new remote work culture, bridging the communication between teams is crucial to ensure a smooth workflow and business sustainability. As employees are stuck at home, working remotely means online communication, online discussions, online meetings, online messaging, online document sharing and online reporting.

Making use of technology in remote collaboration and communication tools such as Office365 and Zendesk can effectively speed up to the process of document sharing and smoothen online meetings. These useful tools exist as virtual workspaces that encourage easy collaboration, increasing engagement between teams and improving everyone’s productivity. Get your projects delivered on time and stay connected with your team anytime, anywhere with us!

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