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Business Unusual : Rising To The Occasion

Man may not live on bread alone, but he certainly must have it in his meal plan.

That’s why Indonesia’s best-selling mass-market bread, Sari Roti, is selling like hotcakes – particularly in this pandemic. 

Listen in on the conversation with Wendy Yap, the president and founder of Nippon Indosari Corpindo, the maker of Sari Roti, to find out how she has worked through the quarantine restrictions to ensure hygiene and health remains priority while ramping up production to meet overwhelming demand. 

Get clued in on her ingenious distribution networks to make sure Sari Roti reaches the homes of Indonesians across the far-flung islands in the world’s largest archipelago. 

Catch a glimpse of Wendy Yap’s foresight to gain some insights on how to navigate through this unusual business landscape.



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