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3 Basic ways to secure your home network.

1. Change the default router username and password   

If you just purchased a new router for your home the chances are the username and password are still in their default which can be found on the internet. Often the username and password are both “admin”, and this would be easily accessible by a third party to figure out your WiFi password or worse capture your sensitive information. You can change it by following these steps: 

Open Windows Command Prompt 

Type in “ipconfig” 

Locate your default gateway IP 

Type your default gateway IP address into your browser's address box 

Enter your router’s login credentials 

Open Security Setting  

Change Username and Password 
When changing your username and password, use a longer phrase that’s unique to that device. Don't use any obvious or personal information, such as your name or birthday, during this process 

2. Setup a guest network

Instead of providing your standard wireless details to everyone who needs it, request them to connect to the guest WiFi network.  The guest networking option permits you to set up a separate WiFi network that allows internet access but masks any, printers, shared folders, storage devices, and network devices connected to your main wireless network. 

Most wireless routers has this capability, which you can access via the device settings. When you set up the guest network, create a separate guest SSID and guest WiFi password 
3. Firmware update 

Your router firmware is an important part of security, device providers tend to release firmware to address bugs, security vulnerabilities and do patches. Some routers can be configured to automatically update the firmware while some needs you to update in via the router which can be done through the browser. 

Search the device provides website on steps to update the firmware as they differ device to device. 

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