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8 Simple ways how HubSpot grew our lead gen by 400%

Vlan HubSpot-2

Here's a recap of the webinar incase you missed it, we share with the audience on how we use HubSpot in our organization to grow our leads during lockdown as we all had to work from home.

Getting new leads from online posed as a challenge to us, since we were use to physical interaction more than virtual. So we started with a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Marketing Hub to help us reach our out and generate leads and email marketing to create personalize marketing email, then use HubSpot Content Management Software(CMS)worked out our Social Media settings and integration,  before revamping our website to make it more modern and current and to top it all up we started using Landing pages to generate leads through our campaigns, we did this though HubSpot CMS, which also allowed us to monitor and analyze out data. 

To find out more on how we did this, watch the following video :

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