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5 Ways To Engage Your Customers With Limited Resources

Not only that the corona virus is impacting people’s health and causing panic to arise everywhere, this pandemic is also negatively affecting businesses and the economy. It can be seen that the Malaysian economy is facing more risks and uncertainties as the implication of Movement Control Order (MCO) is slowing down many corporations or even causing firms to close down. As a result, businesses ought to change the way they operate, be adaptive and react quick in order to survive in the current situation. 

Before considering any new strategies to sustain the business, it is more important to take a step back and understand the exact problem that is faced by the company. Here are some common questions we hear from most of the companies: 

  1. How to survive a recession? 
  2. How to prepare my team for corporate innovation now? 
  3. How to reach out to more customers? 
  4. What are the tools that really help?

If the above reads out your thoughts and concerns too, you probably want to know what to do next. 

5 Customer Engagement Strategies

Run Constant Webinars 

As soon as the MCO started, many companies are getting more active with online webinars. By hosting such online events, you get to engage and interact directly with your audiences that would turn into potential leads. Key point is to stay noisy while others are not showing up online that often during this lock down period. Conveying useful and informative messages that benefit your audiences and customers tend to increase their interest in your brand. Microsoft Streams and Teams are some amazing collaborative tools to assist you in hosting these webinars or online events smoothly.

Create Forms And Surveys 

When you start to plan for an event, you have to consider a seamless process flow that simplifies the event registration and gathering feed backs after the live webcast. Surveys and feed backs are crucial for you to be able to understand your attendees’ expectations and thus improve the quality of activities that you organize in the future. This step is important to immediately gather back all the leads, so you don’t lose any! Microsoft Forms helps you to simplify the process for you to worry less and focus on the preparation of your events. 

Prepare Informative Newsletters 

Another fresh initiative is to create newsletters after your webinars for further engagement with your attendees. Newsletters are used to share more professional or additional information related to the webinar topics. By reading these newsletters, your audiences will gain better insights and deeper impression of your brand too. But don’t worry, it is not some complicated work to prepare one, as you can easily generate one using Microsoft Sway with just a few steps! 

Create Valuable Contents 

Everyone has to be a content creator to survive in this game. By having just, the good products and services to offer is not good enough. There are tons of new contents generated across the internet every day. So, what makes a good content to stand out of all is about the quality of the content. Always create original contents because it tends to draw more interests and attention. Educate your audience so that your brand provides value beyond just what you sell. Besides, you may also publish E-books to step up the game! Moving on, digital marketing plays an important role in improving your online presence and gain more exposure. Also, remember to keep your updates aligned to your customers’ interest so that you’re able to stay relevant all the time. 

Automate Your Workflow 

Webinars and online events don’t just end after the live button is switched off. Many efforts such as sending post webinar materials or follow-up emails to your audience. This repetitive process also applies to the pre-webinar stage where you need to send confirmation emails or links to the registrars. Power Automate is a new useful tool that helps to automate all these processes with just a few simple clicks. 


If you’re still not sure on where to start? Or have not gotten your organization on Microsoft Teams yet, we’re here to help you. Reach out to us by clicking on the TALK TO US section above. 



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