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10 Companies with Top Notch CX

In Malaysia, businesses across various industries are striving to excel not only in their products and services but also in the realm of customer experience (CX). From healthcare providers to restaurants and retail outlets, companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of delivering exceptional CX to attract and retain customers in today's competitive landscape. Let's delve into the 10 companies in Malaysia and Singapore with top notch CX, each showcasing unique strategies and initiatives to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

1. Dr. Ko

Dr Ko

Source: CapitaLand

A leading skin and aesthetic clinic in Malaysia, Dr. Ko offers highly customized treatments to help patients discover their beauty potential. Dr. Ko offers highly customized treatments, which means they pay close attention to the individual needs of their patients. This personalization fosters a sense of care and attention, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Exceptional and meticulous service was provided by the staff and doctor when I had doubts. Dr. Lee was incredibly patient in explaining the procedure before carrying it out, ensuring that I felt safe and secure—something that most clinics lack. The staff members were friendly, approachable, and made me feel at home, going above and beyond to meet my needs.”

- DLWC, Google Review


2. DoctorOnCall

DoctorOnCallSource: DoctorOnCall

Malaysia’s first and largest digital healthcare platform, DoctorOnCall provides online doctor and specialist consultation via video-call, voice-call, chat, e-pharmacy, health screening, vaccinations, health tests, health forum, and health content. As Malaysia’s first and largest digital healthcare platform, DoctorOnCall provides a wide range of services, making healthcare more accessible various channels like video calls, voice calls, and chats. This accessibility ensures that customers can seek medical advice and assistance at their convenience, enhancing their experience.

Reliable and user-friendly, the products are more affordable than those available elsewhere. In my case, they were 20% cheaper than the least expensive alternative on Shopee for an over-the-counter medicine. The customer service is responsive and friendly, promptly addressing any issues. Despite a delay in delivery, the customer service team immediately followed up with the delivery service and expedited the delivery.”

- Nishanth, Google Review


3. Nando’s Malaysia

nandosSource: Linear Vista

Established in 1988, Nando’s is a popular restaurant chain in Malaysia known for its PERi-PERi chicken and a loyalty program with guaranteed returns. Nando’s is known for its unique PERi-PERi chicken and loyalty program, offering customers high-quality and distinctive dining experiences. The consistency and excellence of their offerings contribute to positive customer experiences.

Been here for the first timeSurprisingly, the environment was very clean and spacious, comfortable for kidsService was great, fastest and on timeStaff also had good mannersserving us with a smile.”

- Faiza Azlin, Google Review


4. Table & Apron

Table & ApronSource: The Yum List

A neighborhood restaurant in Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya, Table & Apron focuses on contemporary and honest cooking inspired by the joys of comfort food. This restaurant focuses on providing a neighborhood restaurant experience, creating a sense of community and belonging. This community-centric approach fosters positive relationships with customers, enhancing their dining experience.

“The chefs and team at Table & Apron have truly worked their magic! The food served is absolutely top-notch, yet still affordable. This lovely and cozy dining venue is perfect for private gatherings, date nights, or just a regular night out. One key takeaway for me was the fact that every single member of the service crew came to say ‘Hello’ and introduced themselves. The floor manager, Shum, personally greeted me and mentioned that he hadn’t seen me before, asking if it was my first time there. He then proceeded to welcome me and introduce me to the restaurant. I felt like the most important diner, and the fact that he took the time to engage in conversation while maintaining eye contact speaks volumes about the restaurant, its brand, the team, and their exceptional service. I will definitely be back!”

- Shaun Singh, Google Review



bjakSource: Malay Mail

BJAK is Malaysia’s leading online auto insurance marketplace, offering a platform for comparing and purchasing car and motor insurance. As Malaysia’s leading online auto insurance marketplace, BJAK allows customers to compare and purchase car and motor insurance, making it efficient and hassle-free for customers. This convenience and ability to make informed decisions enhance the customer experience.

"No words can adequately describe how effective and efficient BJAK works! They offer a wide range of insurance companies to choose from, and the entire process, including NCD withdrawal, went smoothly. Everything is at your fingertips—easy peasy! Well done!"

- Azrafizie, Google Review


6. Leetou Pods Cafe

leetou podsSource: Leetou Pods

Located in Ara Damansara, Leetou Pods Cafe is a family-friendly cafe where parents and kids can enjoy great coffee while the kids entertain themselves. This café offers a family-friendly environment where parents and children can enjoy quality time together. This inclusivity and focus on family contribute to a welcoming atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience for customers.

“This is such a wonderful place to spend an afternoon with your kid! The food is delicious, and the avocado toast is the best I’ve ever had. I also tried the pork sandwich, and it was incredible. The owner is a graceful host, and I felt warmly welcomed. My son had a great time playing with other children, and I could easily chat with other parents. Thank you again!”

- Orrianne, Google Review


7. AireGard - GardInc

airegardSource: AireGard

AireGard, a product line of Gard Inc., is a leading brand in air ventilation, HVLS fans, and hand dryers. Since its establishment in 2001, the company has been dedicated to creating better and cleaner environments in commercial, industrial, and public establishments in Malaysia through its high-quality and high-performance products. AireGard excels in customer experience (CX) due to their comprehensive after-sales services. They ensure longevity of their products with services ranging from cleaning to maintenance, carried out by their dedicated team known as the Gard Squad. This commitment to customer satisfaction solidifies their position as a trusted brand.

“I purchased the HOUM model M-16CG from Gard Inc. Sdn Bhd. I’m grateful to Mr. Victor from customer service for his detailed explanation of its functions and properties. His service attitude is very friendly. This is a product I would highly recommend. 😊”

- Tindy Yap, Google Review


8. Acclime Malaysia

acclimeSource: Acclime Malaysia

Acclime Malaysia, part of the Acclime Group, is a premier provider of professional formation, accounting, HR & advisory services in Malaysia. As a premier provider of professional formation, accounting, HR & advisory services, Acclime Malaysia likely provides a high level of expertise and efficiency. These are key factors in a positive customer experience.

“They are very professional and reliable. Simply your stuff is done at the time mentioned. Highly recommended for startups.

- Mahmoud, Google Review


9. Auto Bavaria

autobavaria-1Source: Auto Bavaria

Established in 1988, Auto Bavaria is the biggest retail and service organization for BMW, MINI, and Motorrad in Malaysia. As the biggest retail and service organization for BMW, MINI, and Motorrad in Malaysia, Auto Bavaria likely provides a high level of expertise and a wide range of services. Customers trust in their expertise, contributing to positive experiences.

“I had my car serviced at BMW Ara Damansara a while ago, and the service consultant, Hao Wen, attended to me. It was a wonderful experience; Hao Wen provided constant updates from the moment he received my car, informing me about the services and parts that needed changing. He politely asked me to wait at the service centre and provided an estimated time for completion. These updates were helpful for planning my job tasks. Keep it up and continue delivering excellent service to your clients.”

- Cheesiong Lim, Google Review


10. Jaga-Me Mobile Services & Home Care

jagameSource: Jaga-Me

A subsidiary of Alliance Healthcare Group, Jaga-Me provides mobile medical and home care services, aiming to decentralize access to healthcare into homes and communities. By providing mobile medical and home care services, Jaga-Me decentralizes access to healthcare. This approach makes healthcare more accessible and convenient, enhancing the overall customer experience.

“We are glad that we found JagaMe. We were very fortunate to have Peik Joo who attended to my mom. My mom needed regular wound dressing changes, and Peik Joo is gentle and careful in her work. She also helps us make regular appointments easily. There were days when Peik Joo was busy; her replacements are very nice, caring, and patient too. The admin team was also very helpful in making appointments. A few times we had to make last-minute changes due to my mom’s conditions; the JagaMe team was easy to reach and understanding of our requests for changes. Thank you very much, everyone at Jaga-Me!”

- Amy, Google Review


As we conclude our exploration of the 10 companies in Malaysia and Singapore excelling in customer experience, it's evident that a customer-centric approach is paramount in today's business landscape. Whether it's through personalized treatments, convenient digital platforms, or community-focused initiatives, these companies have demonstrated a commitment to understanding and meeting the evolving needs of their customers. By prioritizing CX excellence, these businesses not only foster loyalty but also set new standards for customer satisfaction in their respective industries, ultimately driving long-term success and growth.

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